Thursday, December 8

William 8 months

This is a much belated post, but I will try to remember what William was doing at 8 months.

No teeth, but still LOVES to eat. He started eating puffs and some real foods, and he's a little piggy.
He loves puffs and discovered pouches. He also liked diced pears (steamed) banana, and avocado.

Not crawling yet, but getting into position. He can scoot on his butt in a sitting position to move around a little. He sitting up really well, and can go from laying down to sitting up.

First Halloween (dressed up (slept) as a dinosaur. It was balmy on Halloween, so we put him in his fleecy costume for pictures and that was it. He fell asleep in the stroller as Matthew trick or treated.

Talking and babbling all the time. I don't remember Matthew talking this much.

Almost ready to move up to 9 month clothes already in 9 month PJs.

First trip to the mountains for apples and pumpkins.

First high school football game (mostly slept in the ergo).

First trip to grampa's farm.

Monday, October 24

William 7 Months

William is growing and changing so fast. He loves to babble and sit up. If he's in any reclined position, he tries to sit up. He's also very vocal, whether he's happy or mad, he want us to know.

He's hair is getting a little crazy and we're waiting for it to fill in in the back still.


This month he started sitting up unassisted and eating baby food like a champ.
He downs a whole jar of food like nothing. He loves fruit, but so far is eating everything.

He still fits in 6 months clothes, but will be ready to move into 9 month soon. Still wearing size 3 diapers.

We had a fun trip to the mountains and the pumpkin patch and apple orchard. William had a little bit of a meltdown on the hayride, but only because he was tired. Otherwise, he was great.           

He also loves bath time, and loves kicking in the water. 
He loves watching Matthew, and finds him quite entertaining.

William takes 3-4 naps a day, and usually only 30-40 minutes (ugh). Sometimes he will take a long one at home (1.5 - 2 hours). He goes to bed between 7 and 7:30, and wakes up for the day around 6:30. He's still not sleeping through the night.

He's gotten much better at grasping object and immediately pulls them to him (usually his mouth). His favorites are Sophie and a little monkey that came from his play mat. He also loves pulling his paci out of his mouth.

He still doesn't have any teeth, but they might be coming soon (Matthew got his first teeth at 7 months.) But I love his big gummy smile.

He also went to his first Braves game (and last game at Turner Field) and also did great.

At his 6 month appointment his pediatrician was a little concerned about the flat spot on the back of his head, so we went to get his head scanned. He was the lowest number that's out of the "normal range" so they didn't recommend any treatment (helmet or therapy). Especially now that he rolls over and sits up so much and almost always sleeps on his stomach.

Wednesday, September 21

William 6 Months

William had been busy this month. And he just keeps getting cuter, I know I am biased, but he's just too cute!

He started rolling over all the time. He also spins in circles in his crib sometimes.

Speaking of crib, he went through a major sleep regression over labor day weekend. He was waking up every 1-2 hours and mommy and daddy were so tired! He wakes up on his tummy and gets mad. He can't decide if he wants to sleep on his tummy or back.

At his 6 month check up he weighed 15 lb 15 ounces and was 26 inches long. He's slowed down a little in the growth, but still doing great.

The pediatrician does want us to get the flat spot on the back of his head evaluated. It does seem to be rounding out a bit, but since it is to the side, I guess it is a little more concern. We have an appointment in a few weeks.

His poor eyes are still goopy a lot and he probably has blocked tear ducts. I try to massage them hoping they will open up eventually.

He got a little cold, but luckily it was the same weeks as his check up and the Dr said his lungs were clear. Knock on wood he hasn't gotten sick yet!

He also wants to sit up SO BAD. If he's in any reclined position, he tries to sit up. He's working on his baby abs for sure. He can sit up in a tripod position, but it still a little wobbly.

He grabs everything and checks it out. He loves his jumperoo and loves watching Matthew.
He also loves baths and just kicks and splashes and laughs.

He also went on his first trip to the zoo, and was really good tagging along.

This week we tried his first baby food, carrots! The first time he was very unsure, but after the second time, he got the hang of it and started opening his mouth like a baby bird.

Tuesday, August 23

William 5 Months

Time is going so fast I just want to cry! This month has gone by even faster than the past 4.

The good news is William has turned into a happy baby! He loves to smile and talk - more than I remember Matthew doing. His belly laughs are just the cutest thing ever. I could listen all day. But when he's unhappy he lets us know! He's still pretty gassy and has some real stinkers.

He's filling out 6 month clothes and wearing size 2 or 3 diapers. Not sure on his weight without a Dr appt this month, but maybe close to 16 lbs. His hair is still brown, but maybe getting a little lighter. It's longer than Matthew's was, and he's got quite the comb over!

He's made it through a month of daycare without any significant illness (knock on wood).

We got a jumperoo, and he loves to bounce all over the place!

He was baptized at the end of the month - we planned a baptism the same day as our niece, and it worked out great! He didn't cry or make a peep the whole time.

He goes to sleep around 7:30 and sleeps until around 3:30 to wake up and eat. If he wakes up before that he will take his paci and go back to sleep. 
I never knew it was possible, because it never happened with Matthew, but we can lay him down awake and he goes to sleep on his own. Amazing, thank you William, we appreciate that. He naps pretty well for us on the weekends, but takes short naps at daycare.

He's not rolling over back to tummy yet, but he wants to. He pushes himself up into a glute bridge trying.

We haven't started solids, but I'll have to remember what all we tried with Matthew so that we're ready around 6 months.

Ready for his first football season!


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