Monday, March 20

William 10 Months

Apparently I missed 9 months, whoops. And... in case you can do math, Imma go ahead and publish this since it's been in draft for 2+ months...

The past month has been very busy, with Christmas and the holiday.

At 9 months William was about 20 lbs and has been back to the Dr at least 3 times within the month and is still right around 20 lbs.

He had his first ear infection before 9 months, which required two rounds of antibiotics, then the other ear got infected, and then he got bronchitis. We got an inhaler, which he HATED, so we also got a nebulizer, which he tolerates. Poor thing.

William celebrated his first Thanksgiving (traveled to Mississippi) and Christmas.

He became a super speedy crawler and was also pulling up to standing almost immediately (before 9 months) and by 10 months was cruising around tables, and behind his walker. 

Still in size 4 diapers and between 9 and 12 month clothes.

We also hit a major sleep regression - which was probably partially related to the ear infections and teething (for real this time!) and being off his schedule, but it just spiraled from there.

He also finally got his first tooth a day after turning 10 months old! The bottom two are starting to grow in. This has made him a SUPER fussy clingy baby.

He talks a lot and is making all kinds of sounds.

Learned how to wave, and it's the cutest thing. He squeezes his hand into a fist and opens it, usually facing himself.

I don't think he actually knew what he was saying, but one day he turned around and saw Maggie, waved, and said "Da!" in a way that sounded a lot like "dog." I'm not deeming it a first word yet though.

We had ventured into table foods, but I think the ear infection and teeth turned him off solids a bit. He still likes bread/carbs the best, but also loves meat. Not a fan of most veggies.

Takes two naps a day.

He also moved up to the "crawler" room at school, so he's been getting adjusted to that.

Bath time
Being held.

Sleep :(
Being held down for nose cleaning or getting an inhaler
Being set down


Thursday, December 15

Life with a toddler

Life with a two year old, also why we can't be on time.

Me: "Ok, we're on time, let's go get in the car"
"Crap, we have to put the trash out"

Me: Start pulling trash cans down driveway

Matthew ( running after me, crying) "I help! I help!" Luckily I was smart enough to anticipate him coming outside and put his coat on.

Maggie runs outside, I chase her yelling at her to go inside, she ignores me to go sniff the fire hydrant

Matthew runs after her, face plants on the sidewalk, starts crying again
Pick Matthew up, he stops crying. Put him into car seat (after taking off his big jacket ;)

Matthew: "Oweeee! I need band aid."

Me: "No, you're ok"

Matthew: "I need band aid!!"

Me: Go back inside and go get a band aid, get William, put him in the car, hand Matthew band aid, walk around car.

Me: "Where do you need the band aid?"

Matthew: "Right here"

Me: (Puts on band aid)" Ok, when we get to school, we can take the band aid off"

Matthew: Nods

Get to school

Me: Take off band aid

Matthew: "No! My Band aid!"

Me: "No you're all better, you don't need the band aid any more."

Matthew: "I need band aid!!!!"

Me: "Ok, we'll put it in your pocket so you still have it" ?? whatever works, right?

Thursday, December 8

William 8 months

This is a much belated post, but I will try to remember what William was doing at 8 months.

No teeth, but still LOVES to eat. He started eating puffs and some real foods, and he's a little piggy.
He loves puffs and discovered pouches. He also liked diced pears (steamed) banana, and avocado.

Not crawling yet, but getting into position. He can scoot on his butt in a sitting position to move around a little. He sitting up really well, and can go from laying down to sitting up.

First Halloween (dressed up (slept) as a dinosaur. It was balmy on Halloween, so we put him in his fleecy costume for pictures and that was it. He fell asleep in the stroller as Matthew trick or treated.

Talking and babbling all the time. I don't remember Matthew talking this much.

Almost ready to move up to 9 month clothes already in 9 month PJs.

First trip to the mountains for apples and pumpkins.

First high school football game (mostly slept in the ergo).

First trip to grampa's farm.

Monday, October 24

William 7 Months

William is growing and changing so fast. He loves to babble and sit up. If he's in any reclined position, he tries to sit up. He's also very vocal, whether he's happy or mad, he want us to know.

He's hair is getting a little crazy and we're waiting for it to fill in in the back still.


This month he started sitting up unassisted and eating baby food like a champ.
He downs a whole jar of food like nothing. He loves fruit, but so far is eating everything.

He still fits in 6 months clothes, but will be ready to move into 9 month soon. Still wearing size 3 diapers.

We had a fun trip to the mountains and the pumpkin patch and apple orchard. William had a little bit of a meltdown on the hayride, but only because he was tired. Otherwise, he was great.           

He also loves bath time, and loves kicking in the water. 
He loves watching Matthew, and finds him quite entertaining.

William takes 3-4 naps a day, and usually only 30-40 minutes (ugh). Sometimes he will take a long one at home (1.5 - 2 hours). He goes to bed between 7 and 7:30, and wakes up for the day around 6:30. He's still not sleeping through the night.

He's gotten much better at grasping object and immediately pulls them to him (usually his mouth). His favorites are Sophie and a little monkey that came from his play mat. He also loves pulling his paci out of his mouth.

He still doesn't have any teeth, but they might be coming soon (Matthew got his first teeth at 7 months.) But I love his big gummy smile.

He also went to his first Braves game (and last game at Turner Field) and also did great.

At his 6 month appointment his pediatrician was a little concerned about the flat spot on the back of his head, so we went to get his head scanned. He was the lowest number that's out of the "normal range" so they didn't recommend any treatment (helmet or therapy). Especially now that he rolls over and sits up so much and almost always sleeps on his stomach.


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