Tuesday, November 22

No 'Poo

What am I doing? I am stopping using shampoo. Going No 'Poo. 


Mix baking Soda (~1Tbs, total estimate) , water, a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in a travel bottle. Squirt onto scalp and massage on scalp for a few minutes. Rinse well. 
Mix Apple Cider vinegar and water in another travel bottle.  (about 1:6 ACV to water) Squirt ends of hair with apple cider vinegar rinse, let sit a few minutes, rinse with water. Comb.  Yes, it stinks when you have it open and on your hair, but the ACV smell is gone after rinsing. Promise. 

Day 1: Wow, no tangles, my hair is clean, no oil, has volume. Used no mousse, blew dry as normal and curled. Can't even tell I didn't shampoo.  My hair feels baby soft, and baby fine. Not sure if I like that or or not. I have fly-aways, but about the same as I would with no smoothing lotion.

Day 2: When I woke up, I thought my hair was still pretty clean feeling.  I was going to skip today, and just rinse with water, but after my run this morning, I thought my sweaty hair needed something.  I used the baking soda, concentrating around the edges (sweaty parts) and I put the ACV over more of my hair, hoping to control the fly aways. My hair was literally squeaky clean. I squeaked when I scrubbed.  After blow drying, still had fly aways, used some smoothing lotion on top of my head next to my part, no other product. Curled, curls are staying pretty well throughout the day.

Day 3: Only rinsed my hair with hot water this morning.  I put the ACV on the ends, just so I could comb through it easier.  My hair still looks clean. It holds curl pretty well too. No fly aways. I can tell it's not clean, I can just feel it, but my hair doesn't look greasy at all.

Day 4: I can't get over the fact that after I use the baking soda my hair actual is squeaky clean. Used a little more ACV all over today, fly aways are a little better. My scalp feels dry today, and my hair isn't holding curl too well.

Day 5: No baking soda today either. Just rinsed with water. My hair feels greasy, almost like it's wet. But it doesn't look bad.  Holding curl really well, but I feel self conscious that it looks greasy.  All day I felt a like a grease ball, but didn't look it, and I was afraid to touch my head thinking it would make it look greasy. Is this the transition phase?  How does my head feel oily but not look oily? I've checked in the mirror at work at least 3 times today, and my hair looks ok.
Even when I got home and brushed out my hair really well with a bristle brush, it still didn't look oily. Mind -> blown.

Day 6: I added some water to my baking soda mix before I used it this morning, to try to water down the baking soda so my hair might be less dry. Seemed to work great.  I do think the baking soda is fading my hair color (dyed) but that's ok, because it was growing out and my roots were showing, and now it's blending it back together. My hair is still soft, but not feeling baby-fine today.

Day 7: Just rinse. Blow dry. My hair felt gross today, but looked ok. I curled it. I might have to go back to baking soda every day. I don't want to give in. At least it's not shampoo right? 

Day 8: My hair felt and looked gross this morning when I woke up. Baking Soda, (more watered down batch, maybe half the baking soda that I used before) rinse, ACV, rinse. My hair is feeling a little dry at the ends. Let it air dry. Mistake, looks not-straight not-wavy. Didn't hold curl either.

Day 9: Baking soda, rinse, conditioner, rinse. I just needed some of my old conditioner, my hair was feeling a little straw-like. I only put it on the ends, and I still used the baking soda. My hair feels good today, and soft. yay. 

I haven't used any shampoo or mousse in my hair for 9 days. I think it feels thicker, and seems like it's trying to adjust to no shampoo everyday. I am going to try to keep it up.


Stacie said...

I definintely used too much ACV. But when it dried completely the smell was gone. I just can't believe people drink shots of the stuff!

Sarah said...

I am so curious to hear your final verdict on this. My Redken stuff did NOT rate well at all on the EWG site. I'm also curious to hear your final opinion on the oil face stuff! Is your knee okay from falling the other day? That sounded painful :-(

carissa at lowercase letters said...

oh girl! this is awesome. i must try it.


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